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Pergunta 1 - Inglês

Mensagem  SBC em Dom Dez 04, 2011 10:27 am

Read the text below entitled “Beyond Lula” in order to
answer questions 14 to 16:

Beyond Lula
Source: Newsweek (Adapted) Oct 11th, 2010

With the economy booming, poverty falling, and
an avid new middle class hitting the supermarkets and
malls, Brazil is in a sweet spot. Once a pushover for
? nancial turmoil, Brazil survived the Great Recession
largely unscathed and grew at the blistering pace of
10 percent in the ? rst six months of 2010 (though
it may cool to 6 or 7 percent by year´s end). With
new offshore discoveries boosting its estimated oil
reserves to at least 9 billion barrels –and possibly
much more- the national oil giant, Petrobras, raised
$67billion in late September, the biggest public-
share offering in global ? nancial history. Of? cials are
gussying up the country for the 2014 World Cup and
the 2016 Olympic Games, and arguing over what to
do with all the cash and glory that such international
showcases bring.

According to the text, Brazil´s growth pace is likely to

a) decrease.

b) reach 10%.

c) exceed 10%.

d) remain steady.

e) gather.


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